Xtreme VoIP
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Xtreme VoIP Products

The Xtreme servers provide centralized management and routing of VoIP traffic through Cisco gatekeepers. Registration and call placement admission control is provided as well as dialed number to IP translation facilitating termination of call requests.

The design of the Xtreme servers permits any combination of on-net and off-net calling patterns.


  • XRE - Telephony Route Engine
  • XRM - Route Engine Management Suite
  • XCI - H.323 Cisco Gatekeeper Management
  • XRS - SIP Redirect Server

Industry Standard Features

  • E.164 Routing
  • Dialed Number Translation
  • Source Based Routing
  • Load Balancing
  • Time Of Day Route Control
  • Off-net to/from On-net Calling
  • Blocked Routes
  • White Lists and Black Lists
  • Call Detail Records

Unique Features

  • IP Device Dedicated Routes
  • Destination Based Route Exclusion
  • Time Of Day Device Control
  • Inbound Traffic Throttling
  • Route Usage Statistics
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Route Detail Records
  • Route Usage Statistics
  • Multi-Protocol Routing


  • Windows, Linux, or Solaris environments
  • MySQL database

Both traditional and pay-per-use licensing is available for all products.

Trial versions of products are available.

Please contact info@xtremevoip.com to qualify for a trial installation.